EventBranchLink For Album
Yellow Colour Day Celebration 2017TarnakaClick Here
Class ActivityTarnakaClick Here
Physical activity class by Premier Sports groupTarnakaClick Here
Children’s Day celebration with Halloween ThemeTarnakaClick Here
Kalaa- The Inter Branch CompetitionTarnakaClick Here
Inter school CompetitionTarnakaClick Here
Blue Colour Day celebration 2017TarnakaClick Here
Diwali 2017TarnakaClick Here
Diya decoration competition for Diwali 2017TarnakaClick Here
Parent Teacher Meet 2017TarnakaClick Here
Dussehra/ Bathukamma Celebration 2017TarnakaClick Here
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2017TarnakaClick Here
Pre Independence Day CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
Janmashtami CelebrationsTarnakaClick Here
Friendship DayTarnakaClick Here
Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2017TarnakaClick Here
Green Day and Haritha Haram celebrationTarnakaClick Here
Ramazan CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
Fruit Salad Day celebrationTarnakaClick Here
Red Day CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
The International Day of YogaTarnakaClick Here
Summer camp week 3 and 4TarnakaClick Here
Summer Camp 2017 Week 2TarnakaClick Here
2017 Summer Camp Week 1TarnakaClick Here
New academic session 2017-18TarnakaClick Here
Last day of UKG classTarnakaClick Here
Graduation Day 2017TarnakaClick Here
Sports Day 2017TarnakaClick Here
Prize and certificate distribution for Sports DayTarnakaClick Here
Sports Day 2017TarnakaClick Here
Sankranti Celebration 2017TarnakaClick Here
Christmas Celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Visit to the CircusTarnakaClick Here
A fun filled day spent at Pallavi Model School, BoduppalTarnakaClick Here
Educational Field Trip to Supermarket for NurseryTarnakaClick Here
Dental CampTarnakaClick Here
Yellow Colour Day celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Children’s Day Fete in SchoolTarnakaClick Here
Visit to the Tarnaka ParkTarnakaClick Here
Class room activityTarnakaClick Here
Diwali Celebrations 2016TarnakaClick Here
Educational field trip- Fire StationTarnakaClick Here
Parent Teacher MeetTarnakaClick Here
Red colour day celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Hand Wash dayTarnakaClick Here
Bathukamma Celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Blue Colour Day celebrationTarnakaClick Here
Ganesh Chaturthi & Teacher’s Day celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Janmashtami Celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2016TarnakaClick Here
Pre- Independence Day Celebrations 2016TarnakaClick Here
Friendship Day CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
Green Colour Day celebrationTarnakaClick Here
Eid CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
End of Summer Camp- The last week 2016TarnakaClick Here
Summer Camp Week 4 2016TarnakaClick Here
Summer Camp week 3 2016TarnakaClick Here
Mother’s Day celebration at the CampTarnakaClick Here
Skating, Sand Play, Drawing & ColouringTarnakaClick Here
Gymnastics and Fun cookingTarnakaClick Here
Story telling/ Splash Pool At CampTarnakaClick Here
Drawing and colouring activity at the CampTarnakaClick Here
Summer Camp 2016TarnakaClick Here
Pool PartyTarnakaClick Here
Convocation Ceremony- 2016TarnakaClick Here
Community Helpers DayTarnakaClick Here
Republic Day celebrationTarnakaClick Here
Bhelpuri MakingTarnakaClick Here
Sankranti CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
Christmas Celebration 2015-16TarnakaClick Here
Visit to St.Pius ChurchTarnakaClick Here
Pink Day CelebrationTarnakaClick Here
Children’s Day Celebration 2015TarnakaClick Here
Diwali Celebration 2015TarnakaClick Here
Blue Day Celebration 2015TarnakaClick Here
Yellow colour day and Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2015TarnakaClick Here
Krishna Ashtami Celebration 2015TarnakaClick Here
Field Trip to Nandavanam, August 2015TarnakaClick Here
Independence Day and Orange day celebrationTarnakaClick Here
Culmination of Summer Camp 2015TarnakaClick Here
Graduation Day Ceremony, 2015TarnakaClick Here
Holi, 2015TarnakaClick Here
Euphoria – Annual Day CelebrationsTarnakaClick Here
Modes of Transport- ExhibitionTarnakaClick Here
Picnic to Yogi Bear Park-LKG & UKGTarnakaClick Here
Chocolate Day Celebration 2014TarnakaClick Here
Blue Day Celebrations & Field Trip To Fire Station,Post OfficeAS Rao NagarClick Here
Dussehra CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Immersion Of GaneshaAS Rao NagarClick Here
Ganesh Chaturdhi CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Janmastami CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Pre Independence Day CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Rakshabandhan CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Untitled AlbumAS Rao NagarClick Here
Untitled AlbumAS Rao NagarClick Here
Untitled AlbumAS Rao NagarClick Here
Untitled AlbumAS Rao NagarClick Here
Untitled AlbumAS Rao NagarClick Here
Children Enjoying Splash Pool & Sand Pit.AS Rao NagarClick Here
Untitled AlbumAS Rao NagarClick Here
Celebration and Take Home GiftAS Rao NagarClick Here
Christmas CelebrationAS Rao NagarClick Here
Field Trip To PMS BoduppalAS Rao NagarClick Here
Hand Washing Day ActivityAS Rao NagarClick Here
Dussehra celebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Blue Day CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Ganesh Chaturthi CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Raksha Bandhan CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Janmastami CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Parent Orientation ProgrammeAS Rao NagarClick Here
Red Color Day CelebrationAS Rao NagarClick Here
weekend event @ sainikpuri parkAS Rao NagarClick Here
Event organized at Janapriya ApartmentAS Rao NagarClick Here
PP2 students saying about their Favourite ToyAS Rao NagarClick Here
Role play for theme community helpersAS Rao NagarClick Here
Dance practice for Annual dayAS Rao NagarClick Here
Sankranti CelebrationsAS Rao NagarClick Here
Summer campHabsigudaClick Here
Last day at schoolHabsigudaClick Here
My regular dayHabsigudaClick Here
UgadiHabsigudaClick Here
Comeback of The little onesHabsigudaClick Here
UKG Graduation DayHabsigudaClick Here
Republic DayHabsigudaClick Here
Sankranthi MelaHabsigudaClick Here
Children’s Day CelebrationHabsigudaClick Here
DiwaliHabsigudaClick Here
We love yellow colourHabsigudaClick Here
Dussera and Bathukamma celebrationHabsigudaClick Here
Enjoying Blue Colour Day to its fullestHabsigudaClick Here
Ganesha ChaturthiHabsigudaClick Here
Celebrating Krishna JanamasthamiHabsigudaClick Here
Friendship day celebrationHabsigudaClick Here
Celebrating Green Colour DayHabsigudaClick Here
Celebrations GalleryHabsigudaClick Here
I Enjoy My Class GalleryHabsigudaClick Here
Parent Orientation GalleryHabsigudaClick Here
Wellness programme for young mothers GalleryHabsigudaClick Here
First day Gallery at Pallavi KidzHabsigudaClick Here